Cajun Recipes - there are 4 so far

Cajun Chorizo chilli

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If you like chilli con carne - do try this simple, mild,  Cajun-spiced chorizo version. It’s easy to make, yummy and very hearty. Cajun Chorizo chilli is ideal for a ...

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Cajun chicken & potato traybake

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I make baked chicken once a week as it’s a family favourite. To be honest, it’s also one of the easiest meals to create, as I can throw in leftover ...

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Cajun chicken bake

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If you like chicken legs and want a simple, no-fuss yet tasty recipe -  try this Cajun chicken bake! I made it with courgette & sweet potatoes but you can ...

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Roasted squash and spiced sweetcorn salad

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This roasted squash and spiced sweet corn salad is very filling so it's ideal for vegetarians and vegans - or serve it on the side with grilled fish or meat. If ...

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