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Game Casserole with Caramelised Apples

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During the Game shooting season (mid-August to February in the UK for various bird breeds)  you can buy mixed game pieces quite cheaply at most butchers and supermarkets - these ...

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Puff-pastry plum and frangipane tarts

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If you like Danish pastries and want to make your own, simple version - do try this recipe! These mini puff-pastry plum and frangipane tarts are really easy to make ...

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Baked Camembert with figs and walnuts

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Baked Camembert is a wonderful dish to share with friends and loved ones -  it’s also perfect for parties with an aperitif or for finishing off a meal or dinner ...

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Spinach and cheese omelette

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After an over indulgent Friday night, the following morning requires an easy, hearty brunch! Eggs are well known to be the perfect remedy for a hangover, so why not try ...

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Fig and feta salad

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Fig and cheese are generally best mates but I’d never tried to combine figs with feta until just recently. This fig and feta salad only takes 5 minutes to throw ...

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Poussin and vegetable soup

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If you like chicken soup, but you only want to make it for two or three people try this poussin and vegetable soup! It take about an hour to make, ...

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Leftover chicken and potato stew

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If you have leftover roast chicken and boiled potatoes, this dish can be made very quickly and easily. If you only have leftover chicken, then cook the potatoes first in ...

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Lemon and thyme roasted chicken

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This lemon and thyme roasted chicken is so easy to prepare, then the oven does the cooking! It’s perfect for a lazy Sunday Lunch or an easy midweek roast dinner. ...

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Baked chicken with tomatoes and olives

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I love chicken Provençal, which is normally made with black olives. I didn’t have any, so I  made it with green ones. Also, I used  ready-mixed Herbes de Provence, which ...

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White Wine and Dill Mussels

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This White Wine and Dill Mussels recipe is a variation on the classic and much loved moules marinière. This version is really quick and easy but still absolutely delicious. It's also ...

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Zesty chicken, bean & leek stew

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This zesty chicken, bean & leek stew is a perfect midweek meal on spring evenings. It’s made with leftover roast, grilled or barbecued chicken so it’s quick and easy to ...

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French Rustic Rye Loaf

0 of 5 06:00 Minutes One loaf (about 1 1/2 lb)

I regularly make this French Rustic Rye Loaf in our Panasonic bread machine which has a specific setting for French bread - other makes have a similar one. It's the longest ...

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