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Easy Frankfurter soup

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In Hungary one of the most popular soups is Frankfurti leves, which is a thick soup made with cabbage, potatoes and (as you have probably guessed) Frankfurters. My kids love it, ...

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Bean soup with gammon

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The traditional Hungarian bean soup (called Jokai bableves) is made with smoked pork shank, which is not very easy to find in England. So I normally make it with bacon ...

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Vienna Rolls

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I generally use my bread machine to make loaves that can be taken straight out and used, but it's also a simple way to create a variety of doughs that ...

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Vitamin salad

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In Hungary, one of the most popular preserves is csalamádé which is a mixture of pickled cabbage, capsicum (sweet pepper), cucumber and spices. It's eaten during the winter with almost ...

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Roasted pepper and aubergine dip

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When I make a roast dinner or lunch, to make the best use of my oven I always try to use the lower shelf to roast vegetables for other meals. ...

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Simple rosti

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Rösti is a traditional Swiss dish, which is commonly eaten by people living in the German regions of Switzerland. It’s basically a fritter made with grated potatoes (pre-boiled or raw) ...

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Green salad with Harissa dressing

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When I cook middle-eastern dishes or barbecue lamb chops or chicken, I regularly make this Moroccan-style Green salad with Harissa dressing. It’s ready in just 5 minutes, has a kick ...

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Marrow stew with dill

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Marrow stew with dill is a traditional Hungarian pottage, called Tökfőzelék which divides the country – people either love it or hate it. In my family most of us love ...

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Chicken thigh and liver stew

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If you want an earthy, protein &  iron rich meal, try this chicken thigh and liver stew! I made it with broad beans but you can use other greens such ...

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Courgette and frankfurter gratin

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This courgette and frankfurter gratin is perfect for those who are on a high-protein, low-carb diet. You can use other cooked sausages too, instead of wurst. I sometime add a ...

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Beef and bean stew

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This hearty beef and bean stew is ideal for lazy weekends or big parties throughout the year. It’s easy to prepare then just the stove to cook it until tender. ...

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Potato and egg salad with pork

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Potato and egg salad is very popular in Eastern Europe, particularly at parties and picnic. We normally  combine boiled potatoes and eggs with gherkins, onion and sour cream mixed with ...

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