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Baked chicken and cassava

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Cassava or yuca is third-largest staple food in the tropics, after rice and maize, yet in Europe we hardly know of it. As it’s native to South America I decided ...

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Healthy sweet potato muffins

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If you want to change your diet but don’t want to give up snacks and treats do try this recipe! These healthy sweet potato muffins are really easy to make, ...

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Orange quinoa with sultanas

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This orange quinoa with sultanas makes a really healthy breakfast or brunch. It can be served warm or cold, so you can take with you to work, school or picnics.

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Bean and sweet potato stew

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This bean and sweet potato stew is a lovely vegetarian dish that can be eaten as a main course ( with pitta) or served as a side dish with grilled, ...

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Steak with salsa verde and tomatoes

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If you want to serve a delicious but easy meal to your friends and family, you must try this recipe! This steak with salsa verde and tomatoes is a very ...

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Quinoa and mackerel salad

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This quinoa and mackerel salad is mixed with peas, chickpeas, radish & spring onion and served with a herby horseradish-yoghurt dressing. So it's rather healthy and actually quite filling -  ...

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Steak with basil sauce

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This beef steak with basil sauce is a great recipe! The steak only takes a few minutes to cook, the sauce is ready quickly and can be prepared in advance ...

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Chimichurri burger

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Chimichurri  is a spicy Argentinian sauce which is often served with grilled meat all over Latin America. So it's a perfect condiment for a beef-burger, particularly if you make the ...

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