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Vienna Rolls

0 of 5 03:00 Minutes 18 rolls

I generally use my bread machine to make loaves that can be taken straight out and used, but it's also a simple way to create a variety of doughs that ...

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Onion and Garlic Bread

0 of 5 05:00 Minutes 1 loaf

Purist bakers may look down their noses at bread machines but they certainly save a lot of time and effort! You may miss out on the tactile pleasure of kneading ...

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Spiced Fruit Loaf

0 of 5 05:00 Minutes 1 loaf

Our bread machine is regularly in use because my daughter is allergic to milk and so many shop bought breads seem to contain it. Also, of course, home made fresh ...

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Simple bread machine Ciabatta

0 of 5 04:30 Minutes 1 loaf

It's hard to beat waking in the morning to the smell of freshly baked bread! Even better if your bread machine does it all for you and produces a wonderfully ...

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Soft Brown Loaf

0 of 5 05:00 Minutes 1 loaf

This is a very simple recipe for making a soft brown loaf of bread using a breadmaker. My daughter dislikes crusty bread so I usually have to cut the crusts ...

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Hot Cross Mincemeat Buns

0 of 5 03:00 Minutes

This Easter I wanted to bake something a bit different. In the fridge I found a jar of spiced mincemeat left over from Christmas and thought that making Hot Cross Mincemeat Buns ...

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French Rustic Rye Loaf

0 of 5 06:00 Minutes One loaf (about 1 1/2 lb)

I regularly make this French Rustic Rye Loaf in our Panasonic bread machine which has a specific setting for French bread - other makes have a similar one. It's the longest ...

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Dairy-free oaty banana bread

0 of 5 00:50 Minutes 1

This dairy-free oaty banana bread is perfect for breakfast, picnics, afternoon tea or for the lunch-box. The original recipe had more sugar in it but I reduced it  by half ...

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Olive & Oregano Loaf

0 of 5 04:30 Minutes 1 Medium Loaf

I make this Olive & Oregano loaf regularly - it's a real family favourite! Using a bread machine means that you can quickly prepare it in the evening, set the timer ...

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Cheese and pickle straws

0 of 5 00:15 Minutes 20

It's useful to keep puff pastry in the fridge or freezer because it's so easy to make some snacks from them if you have friends popping in for a drink! ...

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Fresh Yeast Breadmaker Loaf

0 of 5 05:00 Minutes 1 Large Loaf

There seemed to be quite a lot of confusion about whether a Fresh Yeast Breadmaker Loaf is successful or even possible, so I thought I'd give it a go. Previously I've ...

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Hungarian Croissant – Kifli

0 of 5 00:20 Minutes 8

Kifli is a staple food in Hungary. Its shape, the crescent moon, is a reference to the victory over the Ottoman Empire who occupied the country for 150 years. The ...

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