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Carrot halwa

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Carrot halwa is one of the classic Indian sweets is made during special occasions like festivals and parties. This sweet is usually made with a special variety of carrot  which ...

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Orange and cranberry brownies

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These Orange and cranberry brownies are gluten-free, dairy-free and fat-free. They are soft and gooey because the chocolate and ground almond provide enough fat. If you want them firmer add ...

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Kobbari boorelu

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Kobbari boorelu is a traditional south Indian sweet prepared during festivals in the coastal Andhra region of India. This dish is delicious and also is very easy to make.

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Kala jamun

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Kala jamun is a delicious and scrumptious dessert for any special occasion or parties. Jamuns are fried milk dumplings that are soaked in sugar syrup – unbelievably soft and just ...

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Besan laddu

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Laddus are popular sweets from India and are made for most festivals and celebrations. Besan laddus are sweet balls made from chickpea flour, sugar, ghee and nuts. To make these ...

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Cranberry and orange muffins

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If you don’t know what to do with your leftover cranberry sauce - just make these yummy Cranberry and orange muffins! They take only 30 minutes (including the baking) and ...

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Puff-pastry plum and frangipane tarts

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If you like Danish pastries and want to make your own, simple version - do try this recipe! These mini puff-pastry plum and frangipane tarts are really easy to make ...

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RIP chocolate pots

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A Halloween party cannot feel complete without some chocolate graveyard or spooky brownies. This year I made individual RIP chocolate pots, without any eggs. These little pots are really quick ...

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Fruit cake

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This Fruit cake is a desert made using a simple baking technique. The kid friendly dessert recipe is loved by kids and grown-ups equally. It can be relished with your ...

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Bandar laddu

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Bandar laddu also known as thokkudu laddu originates from a place called Machillipatnam located in Andhra Pradesh, a southern state in India. The soft texture comes from pounding the mix ...

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Peanut chikki

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Peanut chikki is a traditional sweet preparation across India and is usually made by blending jaggery and peanuts together. Peanut chikki is a nutritious and easy to prepare dish, it is ...

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Mango, kiwi and passion fruit fool

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Whether or not you’re on a diet this healthy Mango, kiwi and passion fruit fool is a lovely treat - particularly on a hot summer’s day! You can use vanilla ...

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