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Roasted tomato and aubergine sauce

0 of 5 00:30 Minutes

This roasted tomato and aubergine sauce is very versatile – it can be used as a dip, as a pizza or  pasta sauce, or added to meatballs, baked fish and ...

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Nectarine Chutney

0 of 5 00:45 Minutes 1 jar

The nectarines in the fruit bowl were looking rather sad, not very nice to eat but such a terrible waste if just chucked in the bin. As with so many ...

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Fennel and cherry chutney

0 of 5 01:00 Minutes About 1 litre

During the cherry season I buy large quantities in my local market - some for eating immediately, some for preserving, some for freezing. This Fennel and cherry chutney is a great ...

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Chilli and tomato jam

0 of 5 01:00 Minutes 2

I love chilli jam so I make my own regularly. I have a favourite chilli jam recipe which I normally rely on, but this time I thought I’d try something ...

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Pear and Chilli Chutney

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I bought far too many pears to be able to eat within a couple of days so I've decided to make some chutney from them. I found this Pear and Chilli ...

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Strawberry spread

0 of 5 00:15 Minutes

During the strawberry season it’s worth making a few jars of jam because the home-made versions taste so much better than anything you can get in the supermarkets!  The other ...

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Raw beetroot and horseradish sauce

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If you like beetroot and horseradish you should try this eastern European relish. Raw beetroot and horseradish sauce is a lovely and earthy condiment, which goes well with smoked fish, ...

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Basic Red Chilli paste

0 of 5 00:20 Minutes 1 small jar

When in season, at my local grocery market I get a large bowl of fresh chillies for almost nothing, and I make chutney, jam, pickle or paste from them. This ...

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Cranberry and beetroot relish

0 of 5 00:30 Minutes

This cranberry and beet relish is a perfect condiment with roast turkey or other festive fowl -  and it’s also really nice with cold meat and party nibbles. It’s very ...

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Mulled wine cranberry sauce

0 of 5 00:20 Minutes

Cranberry sauce is essential with Roast Turkey and it’s very easy to make. Year after year I make  the same cranberry sauce with port & orange, which is absolutely delicious, ...

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Caramelized onion chutney

5 of 5 00:30 Minutes 4

I always make some onion marmalade or chutney for the festive seasons as it goes superbly with nutty cheeses, cold or grilled meats and I can use it on party ...

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Thai Chilli and tomato jam

0 of 5 02:10 Minutes 6

This spicy Thai Chilli and tomato jam makes an amazing Chrismas present!  If you use proper sterilised jars, it keeps for months, so you can start making them in November for ...

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