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Skinny Curried Squash Soup

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This skinny curried squash soup is only 38 kCal/portion - it’s vegan, gluten-free, fat-free and super healthy. Most importantly it’s very easy to make and incredibly tasty. Serve it with ...

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Chipotle roasted chicken with squash and sweet potatoes

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I love making roasted chicken for Sunday lunch because the leftover is always enough for at least one more meal. For this reason I like adding spices and flavours so ...

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Bean soup with gammon

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The traditional Hungarian bean soup (called Jokai bableves) is made with smoked pork shank, which is not very easy to find in England. So I normally make it with bacon ...

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Meatloaf mummy

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If you want a centrepiece for a Halloween party table – this meatloaf mummy could be just what you're looking for! It can be made in advance (partially or completely) ...

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Indian gooseberry pickle

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Indian gooseberry pickle is one of the country's seasonal pickles. This pickle is made with oil and other spices. It is tangy and spicy with the rustic flavors of the ...

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Baked Camembert with figs and walnuts

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Baked Camembert is a wonderful dish to share with friends and loved ones -  it’s also perfect for parties with an aperitif or for finishing off a meal or dinner ...

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Vitamin salad

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In Hungary, one of the most popular preserves is csalamádé which is a mixture of pickled cabbage, capsicum (sweet pepper), cucumber and spices. It's eaten during the winter with almost ...

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Spiced Butternut Squash and Chickpeas Soup

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When the cold sets in, I find nothing more comforting than a nice mug or bowl of hearty soup. This Middle-Eastern style spiced butternut Squash and chickpea soup is warming, ...

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Fennel and leek soup

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This fennel and soup has a delicate taste and a lovely texture. I made it for a simple midweek lunch but I would be perfectly happy to serve it as ...

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Fig and feta salad

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Fig and cheese are generally best mates but I’d never tried to combine figs with feta until just recently. This fig and feta salad only takes 5 minutes to throw ...

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Zesty pea soup

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I love having soup in the summer - on very hot days I find some chilled soup very cooling and refreshing, whilst on breezy days it’s so lovely to snuggle ...

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Chicory and fennel slaw

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If you’re after a low-cal salad or you’re on the fasting diet, I highly recommend this crunchy chicory and fennel slaw. It’s healthy, easy to make and very low in ...

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