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Banana and oat snack cake

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Most of my friends are suspicious of “healthy cakes” until they try my vegan healthy oat and banana slices or my healthy oat and banana cookies!  This alternative version is made ...

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Courgette and chilli tartlets

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I made these lovely spiced Courgette and chilli tartlets using gluten-free pastry, but feel free using normal puff pastry (which will be more puffy than mine). The tartlets are perfect ...

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Grilled pepper and feta tartlets

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I recently discovered gluten-free puff pastry. It’s actually not too bad – not as puffy as the normal one but close enough. I had some leftover barbecued peppers in my ...

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Raspberry puff pastry tart

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I have found some gluten-free puff pastry in the supermarket, so I thought I’d try it out. Also, I needed to use up some raspberry jam I'd made the other ...

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Fig Panforte

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This recipe is a simple, Christmassy version of the famous and one of the oldest Italian sweets which is made in Siena. The traditional recipe is supposed to include 17 ...

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Pecan and coconut cereal bar

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Cereal bars are very popular these days -  but the shop-bought ones are  loaded with sugar! It’s actually very  easy to make them , and you can adjust the sugar, ...

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Dairy-free oaty banana bread

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This dairy-free oaty banana bread is perfect for breakfast, picnics, afternoon tea or for the lunch-box. The original recipe had more sugar in it but I reduced it  by half ...

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Coconut and passion fruit traybake

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This coconut and passion fruit traybake is not only super easy but it really is a delicate & tasty cake. Ideal for special occasions, such as anniversaries, Mother’s day or ...

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Oaty ginger cake

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This oaty ginger cake is more healthy version of the traditional English Parkin - but it's still absolutely yummy, dense and sticky. Perfect for winter festivities - particularly at Halloween ...

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Sweet potato and courgette slice

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The original recipe was called sweet potato and courgette bread, but it's texture is like quiche without the crust or a baked frittata! Nevertheless, it's very tasty and goes particularly ...

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Pesto and roasted pepper tartlets

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If you want some delicious and easy nibbles for a party, picnic, or to accompany aperitif,  little tartlets made of puff pastry are just the job. These pesto and roasted ...

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Cherry puff pastry tart

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I like to use the cherry season for making lovely desserts and cakes. This cherry puff pastry tart is one of my favorite recipes because it's so simple yet so ...

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