Sweet Treats

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Spiced Fruit Loaf

0 of 5 05:00 Minutes 1 loaf

Our bread machine is regularly in use because my daughter is allergic to milk and so many shop bought breads seem to contain it. Also, of course, home made fresh ...

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Peanut chikki

0 of 5 00:10 Minutes 15

Peanut chikki is a traditional sweet preparation across India and is usually made by blending jaggery and peanuts together. Peanut chikki is a nutritious and easy to prepare dish, it is ...

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Mango, kiwi and passion fruit fool

0 of 5 00:00 Minutes

Whether or not you’re on a diet this healthy Mango, kiwi and passion fruit fool is a lovely treat - particularly on a hot summer’s day! You can use vanilla ...

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Peach and cherry yoghurt fool

0 of 5 00:00 Minutes

For summer parties, treats and light puddings this peach and cherry yoghurt fool is a perfect choice. Also, it can be made in just 5 minutes, so it's perfect for ...

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Minapa sunnundalu

0 of 5 00:30 Minutes 10

Minapa sunnundalu is a traditional south Indian sweet dish prepared on festive occasions. This dish is simple to prepare and can be stored in an airtight container for at least ...

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Fennel and cherry chutney

0 of 5 01:00 Minutes About 1 litre

During the cherry season I buy large quantities in my local market - some for eating immediately, some for preserving, some for freezing. This Fennel and cherry chutney is a great ...

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Quick raspberry jam

0 of 5 00:15 Minutes 1 jar

Every time I buy several punnets of raspberry at the market, at least one punnet of berries get crushed by the time I get home, so they have to be ...

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Mango and lime ice lolly

0 of 5 00:00 Minutes

Homemade ice lollies are much more healthy and cheaper than  anything you can buy in the shops. Also it’s so easy to make them!  One of my favourite fruits to ...

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Strawberry spread

0 of 5 00:15 Minutes

During the strawberry season it’s worth making a few jars of jam because the home-made versions taste so much better than anything you can get in the supermarkets!  The other ...

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Hot Cross Mincemeat Buns

0 of 5 03:00 Minutes

This Easter I wanted to bake something a bit different. In the fridge I found a jar of spiced mincemeat left over from Christmas and thought that making Hot Cross Mincemeat Buns ...

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Cherry and coconut Christmas pud bonbons

0 of 5 00:10 Minutes 10

If you have any leftover Christmas pudding, this is an ideal way to use it up for New Year’s Eve or post-Christmas parties. I actually bought a fresh one in ...

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Orange and hazelnut Christmas pud truffles

0 of 5 00:05 Minutes

I loved Nigella’s Christmas puddini bonbons on the telly -  they looked very easy to make, except the final fiddly decorations, so I bought a couple of mini gluten-free Christmas ...

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