Gluten-free Christmas baking

Gluten-free Christmas baking

One of the hardest parts of the Festive season is trying to say NO to lovely, delicious looking cakes and mince pies, particularly if you have a gluten intolerance or allergy.  Only a couple of years ago it was almost impossible to buy gluten-free treats in stores, bakeries or cafes. This is now certainly changing, but I still find that home-made cakes are really much better because they are more tasty, less sugary and have no additives in them.

Over the years I have baked many cakes and nibbles during the winter festivities for parties, decorations, gifts, desserts and snacks. For my Gluten-free Christmas baking I have experimented a lot with various flour mixtures, weird ingredients and ground staples – some of my creations had to go straight into the bin (or turned to stone within a few hours!) – some were edible, but I’d never make them again and some were accidental triumphs!

These are the gluten-free recipes that I recommend to anyone who’d like to try out Gluten-free Christmas baking:

Gluten-free cakes

These cakes are not only yummy but perfect after a Christmas meal, for parties or generally during the celebrations:

Gluten-free cupcakes and muffins

These cupcakes and muffins are perfect snacks with your coffee or tea:

Gluten-free cookies

These cookies make ideal gifts or tree decorations:

Gluten-free loaf cakes

Loaf cakes make an ideal gift to take for the hosts when you go to a party:

Gluten-free brownies

I normally take some brownies to parties, because they make everyone happy!

Gluten-free slices and nibbles

Mince pies, truffles, snacks for parties and get-togethers

Gluten-free cheesecakes

We’ll be making more cheesecakes, as they are ideal for gluten sufferers. Here is a simple, no-bake recipe:

Gluten-free Savoury baking

These can be served with a glass of fizzy at a party:

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