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Tomato, Mascarpone and spinach pasta

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This tomato, Mascarpone and spinach pasta is ready within 15 minutes if you use tinned tomatoes, like I did. I But f you want a fresher taste just roast  in ...

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Sweet and Half-Sour Pickles

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Half soars are traditional Jewish crispy dill pickles, made with 3.5% salt solution (which is the salinity of seawater.) They're called “half soar” because they are kept in the brine ...

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Roast Pork in Beer

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This Roast Pork in Beer is a great variation on the usual Sunday joint. It tastes wonderful, keeping the meat beautifully moist and creating a very tasty gravy. The only reservation ...

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Spiced lentil and Chorizo salad

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I had some leftover simply cooked lentils (just added garlic and celery to the cooking water) so I decided to make this easy yet delicious lentil and chorizo salad the ...

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Zesty Baked Sea Bass

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Sea Bass is a delicate fish so it’s best to cook it simply. I just like to bake it in wine or lemon juice, with some fresh herbs and voila ...

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Orange and cranberry brownies

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These Orange and cranberry brownies are gluten-free, dairy-free and fat-free. They are soft and gooey because the chocolate and ground almond provide enough fat. If you want them firmer add ...

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Energy drink of Kalettes®, lime and almonds

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I want to share this recipe for your New Year resolutions! It is tasty and healthy! I usually drink it after doing sport.

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Duck, beetroot and pomegranate salad

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This recipe of this duck, beetroot and pomegranate salad is ideal if you have some  leftovers from your roasted duck. Alternatively you can make it from scratch by first pan-frying ...

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Gluten-free Christmas cookies

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Gluten-free Christmas cookies are not easy to find so I always make some for friends and myself. These are super easy, using a supermarket's own gluten-free flour blend; although the ...

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Braised red cabbage with cranberries

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A roast duck/goose meal just isn't complete without some lovely braised red cabbage! This recipe is particularly suitable for the winter festivities as it goes well with roast turkey, ham ...

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Cherry and cranberry mincemeat

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I used to hate mince pies until I tried a homemade one. The secret of a good mince pie is definitely in the mincemeat - it just has to be ...

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Curried butternut squash and cauliflower soup

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During the winter festivities it’s nice to take it easy sometimes and have something that's actually good for you yet still tastes festive. This vegan, gluten-free curried butternut squash and ...

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