Homemade Christmas food gifts in a jar

Spiced mincemeat

Jars are very useful for presenting edible gifts – so when you finish a jar of jam, mustard or pickles, look at the shape and the lid and keep the interesting ones for future presents! Jam jars are ideal for chutneys, relishes & truffles, large jars are perfect for cookies, mince pies and brownies. Even the mini jars (such as anchovy, harissa paste etc.) can be useful for pesto, chilli paste or even home-made beauty creams! Homemade Christmas food gifts in a jar look rather nice – particularly if you decorate the jars with festive stencils, stickers, labels or just ribbons.

Here are some lovely homemade Christmas food gift ideas that are perfect for jars.

Christmas chutneys

These chutneys can be made weeks ahead and stored in a cool place until Christmas, but only if kept in sterilised jars (they will last well into the New Year too!) They are perfect with cold meat, cheese and on party nibbles.

Pastes & herbs

You can make these a few days ahead – they will be very much appreciated at a party!


These antipasti in jars can be made a few days in advance –  take them to a party!

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Mincemeat and co.

Nothing beats home-made mincemeat and so it makes a nice gift in a jar. Or you can use it as the filling for home-made mince pies and other lovely treats  –  then put these into a large jar! Tie some cinnamon and dried orange to the lid and  – voilà – you have an amazing Christmas gift!

Chocolate Christmas gifts

You can make chocolate truffles and balls very easily, but another easy gift is to melt some good quality chocolate, pour it into a tray,  scatter over some dried fruits and nuts, then refrigerate. When the chocolate has set, snap them into chunks and put these into a jar. The perfect gift! Here’s a couple of recipes:

Other Christmas gift ideas

One of my most successful Christmas gift was a Mulled wine syrup. You can also make “recipes in a jar” such as hot chocolate, cappuccino, cookie mixtures. Layer the ingredients in the jar and write the simple recipes on a label, then attach this to the jar!


You can decorate the jars very easily – just put some stickers on them, stencil them or simply tie some Christmassy material over the lid and tie it with some ribbon! I like to put some Christmas themed wrapping paper on the lid then tie it nicely with a piece of ribbon. For jams & chutneys, I normally put a square piece of hessian or similar material on the lid, then tie it with some natural string (and thread a piece of cinnamon stick and/or orange dried slice to it). Then I add a label. But you can be very creative and do your own thing with the decoration!

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