Hot-dogs with severed fingers

Hot-dogs with severed fingers

At Halloween I love making scary, funny food. These hot-dogs with cut-off fingers are very easy to make. They are perfect for a Halloween party.

You’ll need per person:

  • 1 hot-dog bun
  • 1 frankfurter or hot-dog sausage

This is how to make the severed fingers:

  1. Using a knife, cut out a section for the cuticle from one end of the sausage. Then cut small slashes to create knuckles – 3 shallow cuts in the middle and 2 near one of the ends (the other end will be “severed” in part 3 below).
  2. Cook the hotdogs according to the instructions on the packaging.
  3. Let them cool a bit, then snip off (and eat!) a little bit to make the severed end. Put ketchup on the cuticles and the severed end, to make them look bloody.
  4. If you want a nail to make it look really real, just use a piece of flaked almond or cut out a white piece of spring onion, and stick it on the cuticle with some ketchup.
  5. Cut the bun in half. Add some brown sauce and ketchup, spread this around to look messy. Put the severed finger in the bun and drizzle with some more “blood” ketchup.
  6. Enjoy eating this scary hot-dog!




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