Dried Fruits

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Vegan mince pies

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Nothing can beat home-made mince pies - and they're actually quite easy to make. The secret is to use homemade mincemeat. (Here are some excellent vegan mincemeat recipes ). As for ...

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Spiced Fruit Loaf

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Our bread machine is regularly in use because my daughter is allergic to milk and so many shop bought breads seem to contain it. Also, of course, home made fresh ...

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Hot Cross Mincemeat Buns

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This Easter I wanted to bake something a bit different. In the fridge I found a jar of spiced mincemeat left over from Christmas and thought that making Hot Cross Mincemeat Buns ...

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Stuffed Shoulder of Lamb

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A simple lamb roast is delicious, but this Stuffed Shoulder of Lamb adds a new dimension to this less popular cut - the fruit flavoured couscous gives it an interesting ...

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Spring onion chutney

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This spring onion chutney can be jarred or used immediately as a topping on nibbles or served as a condiment with roasted/grilled fish & meat or cheese. It’s a little bit ...

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Cherry and coconut Christmas pud bonbons

0 of 5 00:10 Minutes 10

If you have any leftover Christmas pudding, this is an ideal way to use it up for New Year’s Eve or post-Christmas parties. I actually bought a fresh one in ...

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Orange and hazelnut Christmas pud truffles

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I loved Nigella’s Christmas puddini bonbons on the telly -  they looked very easy to make, except the final fiddly decorations, so I bought a couple of mini gluten-free Christmas ...

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Mince pie twists

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If you have some leftover mincemeat, you can us it up for quick and easy treats such as these mince pie twists. These are perfect for festive parties, also for ...

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Fig Panforte

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This recipe is a simple, Christmassy version of the famous and one of the oldest Italian sweets which is made in Siena. The traditional recipe is supposed to include 17 ...

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Zesty mincemeat

0 of 5 00:25 Minutes 4 jars

Every year I make my own mincemeat because I think that for the most tasty mince pies and other treats during the winter festivities they have to be baked using home-made mincemeat. ...

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Roast Pork with Prune & Walnut Stuffing

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Traditionally at Christmas time the centrepiece is usually turkey, goose or other large poultry, but this roast pork with prune & walnut stuffing can happily take pride of place on or ...

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Spiced mincemeat

0 of 5 00:25 Minutes 2 jars

Every year I make mincemeat not just for mince pies but for other treats too during the holidays. Also, I find that a jar of home-made mincemeat is a lovely ...

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