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Duck, beetroot and pomegranate salad

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This recipe of this duck, beetroot and pomegranate salad is ideal if you have some  leftovers from your roasted duck. Alternatively you can make it from scratch by first pan-frying ...

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Baked spiced duck legs with plums

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The original recipe on which this oven baked spiced duck legs with plums is based was one by Jamie Oliver – I adjusted the amounts a bit to suit my ...

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Orange and honey roasted duck legs

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For dinner parties, Sunday lunches or any special meals (such as Christmas, anniversaries, Valentine’s day etc.) I highly recommend this recipe. These orange and honey baked duck legs are very ...

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Cherry glazed roasted duck crown

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Duck crown is very easy to cook and is ideal for a meal for two. If you want to make a lovely dish for your loved one on a special ...

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Orange and balsamic glazed roasted duck

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If you’re after a duck recipe for Christmas, Valentines’ Day, Chinese New Year or as special dinner party this orange and balsamic glazed roasted duck is absolutely delicious and very ...

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Pomegranate and marmalade glazed duck

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This pomegranate and marmalade glazed duck is perfect for a special Sunday lunch, or dinner during the winter festivities (such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New year). I made this dish ...

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Slow-roast duck

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This slow-roast duck is perfect for a Christmas meal or for celebrating Chinese New Year! It’s cooked slowly which allows the meat to remain tender and juicy and it’s served ...

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Pomegranate and orange glazed roasted duck

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On Christmas day or Valentine’s day this pomegranate and orange glazed roasted duck looks and smells wonderful on the dining table. Serve it with braised cabbage, mashed potatoes and a ...

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Duck breast with spiced plums

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If you want a super easy dish for special occasions (such as Christmas meal for two, Valentines day, Chines New Year, dinner parties and so on) this duck breast with ...

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Duck and vegetables pasta

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This duck and vegetables pasta can be made from scratch or with leftover roasted duck meat. Also, you can use other vegetables too - squash, spinach, peas, chickpeas, broad beans, ...

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Asian-style duck breast

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Duck breast is delicious and very easy to cook. This Asian-style duck breast is ready within 15 minutes - perfect for special occasions, dinner parties or celebrating Chinese New Year. ...

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Christmas roast duck

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If you're cooking a Christmas dinner for 4 people or less it's easier to roast a smaller bird - such as a duck, pheasant or guinea fowl. The spices used with this ...

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