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Zesty Baked Sea Bass

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Sea Bass is a delicate fish so it’s best to cook it simply. I just like to bake it in wine or lemon juice, with some fresh herbs and voila ...

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Crayfish and spinach pancakes

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If you want something delicious yet easy for a special breakfast, do make these crayfish and spinach pancakes! They are gluten and dairy-free so ideal for those with allergies and/or ...

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Anchovy bites

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During the festivities I always keep jarred goodies in my larder & fridge as these are excellent ingredients for quick snacks and nibbles when someone pops around for a drink. ...

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Salmon and spinach omelette

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This salmon and spinach omelette is very easy to make, ready in 10 minutes if you use precooked or tinned salmon. Also, it’s healthy, gluten-free, dairy-free and low-carb. So it’s ...

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Crayfish egg muffins

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If you want a recipe for a delicious snack or delicate starter look no further. These crayfish egg muffins are not only tasty but very easy to make too! You ...

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Smoked salmon and lemon pasta

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When I have little time to cook or just feel like a quick & easy meal, I normally make a pasta dish with smoked fish or leftover meat/vegetables. This smoked ...

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Mackerel loaded potato skins

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In my family we all love loaded potato skins, so when I make a one-tray Sunday roast I bake few, large potatoes using the lower shelf in the oven. Then ...

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Smoked mackerel salad

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I always keep smoked mackerel in the fridge, partly because it’s an oily fish (so very healthy) but also because it’s such a useful ingredient for quick and easy dishes. ...

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Smoked mackerel and avocado salad

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This smoked mackerel and avocado salad is perfect on those occasions when you need to create a quick, easy and healthy meal. It’s ready in just 10 minutes, it’s delicious ...

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Prawns in coconut gravy

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This one is my grandmother`s recipe which I learnt from my mom. This dish is very simple to make and so delicious.

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Spanish fish and chorizo stew

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For a midweek family meal or a weekend laid-back meal with friends, this Spanish fish & chorizo stew is one of my favourite choices. You can use any kind of ...

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Spiced vegetable stew with steamed fish

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On days when I have nothing in the fridge but need to cook something quickly, I use my frozen supply of veggies & seafood to create easy meals. This spiced ...

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