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Guinea Fowl with Cider

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This Guinea Fowl with Cider is just right as a Sunday roast for two people, or perhaps a couple with a young child - don't worry about the alcohol, it ...

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Zesty grilled venison steak

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I love cooking venison steak because it’s quick and easy and rather delicious! Also it’s a very lean meat, so it’s quite healthy too and not costing  a fortune either. ...

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Griddled Venison Steak with Grapes

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Venison has had a resurgence of popularity recently as it's considered healthier than more common meats. This has resulted in more production, greater availability and a consequent drop in price ...

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Spanish-style guinea fowl

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If you want to try guinea fowl, this recipe is the perfect introduction to it! This Spanish-style guinea fowl is very easy to make, incredibly delicious - and ideal for ...

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Venison steak with cranberry and orange sauce

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For special occasions or dinner parties this venison steak with cranberry and orange sauce is perfect recipe - it’s delicious, very easy to make and the sauce can be prepared ...

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Simple rabbit stew

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During the hunting season one of my favourite meat used to be hare but it’s not very easy to get it in supermarkets or even at butchers. Rabbit meat is ...

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Spiced venison nuggets

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These spiced venison nuggets are ready within 15 minutes so they are perfect as weekend snacks or party nibbles during the game season! Serve them with lime juice squeezed over ...

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Pan-fried venison with cranberry sauce

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This pan-fried venison with cranberry sauce is perfect for a special (yet quick & easy) meal on Valentine’s day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Anniversaries and other happy occasions. Serve it with ...

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Lemon and mustard kangaroo medallions

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If you don’t like game why don’t you try Kangaroo meat which tastes a bit less gamey and it’s more healthy than red meat? You can now buy kangaroo steak ...

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Roasted Guinea fowl with pomegranate

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During the winter festivities roasted Guinea fowl is an excellent choice for dinner parties, as it has a special, gamey taste. This Guinea fowl with pomegranate is  perfect at Christmas ...

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Worcester & Garlic Kangaroo Steaks

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If you've not tried kangaroo you should really give it a go! The steak's very tender - far less fatty than beef, a bit like venison though not so gamey. Apparently ...

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Roast guinea fowl rosemary and lemon

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A great alternative to the chicken is guinea fowl, which takes less time to cook and has a slightly gamey taste to it. This guinea fowl with rosemary and lemon ...

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