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Roast Pork in Beer

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This Roast Pork in Beer is a great variation on the usual Sunday joint. It tastes wonderful, keeping the meat beautifully moist and creating a very tasty gravy. The only reservation ...

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Spiced lentil and Chorizo salad

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I had some leftover simply cooked lentils (just added garlic and celery to the cooking water) so I decided to make this easy yet delicious lentil and chorizo salad the ...

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Easy Frankfurter soup

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In Hungary one of the most popular soups is Frankfurti leves, which is a thick soup made with cabbage, potatoes and (as you have probably guessed) Frankfurters. My kids love it, ...

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Baked egg and prosciutto in bread bowls

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I've always loved an egg & bacon roll (often with melted cheese) for breakfast or brunch, but it’s not the healthiest meal around! So I thought I’d make these baked ...

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Pear and Gorgonzola bites wrapped in Prosciutto

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These pear and Gorgonzola bites wrapped in Prosciutto are perfect nibbles during the winter festivities, particularly at Christmas & New Year’s Eve parties. It’s incredibly to easy to make them, ...

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Mexican Roast Pork Leg

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For a Sunday Lunch or special dinner for friends this Mexican Roast Pork Leg recipe provides a meal with a wonderful zingy flavour - and the aroma while it's cooking is ...

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Bean soup with gammon

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The traditional Hungarian bean soup (called Jokai bableves) is made with smoked pork shank, which is not very easy to find in England. So I normally make it with bacon ...

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Meatloaf mummy

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If you want a centrepiece for a Halloween party table – this meatloaf mummy could be just what you're looking for! It can be made in advance (partially or completely) ...

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Cider baked spare ribs

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Pork spare ribs make ideal nibbles at parties and are also perfect for picnics or trips. We love munching on them while watching the TV at the weekend, so I ...

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Fennel baked spare ribs with BBQ glaze

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I was given a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey BBQ sauce as a present so I decided to try it out. I made these fennel baked spare ribs BBQ ...

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Chorizo and fig salad

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During the fig season I love making puddings, salads and nibbles using ripe, succulent figs. This chorizo and fig salad is one of my favourite dishes for a quick lunch ...

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Spanish fish and chorizo stew

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For a midweek family meal or a weekend laid-back meal with friends, this Spanish fish & chorizo stew is one of my favourite choices. You can use any kind of ...

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