Injured gingerbread men

Injured gingerbread men

At Halloween time you can buy boxes of freshly-baked gingerbread men at most supermarkets. These are perfect for making spooky Halloween treats – for example, you can turn them into skeletons or injured gingerbread men.  This is how to do it:

You’ll need:

  • 1 box gingerbread men
  • Red and white icing pen or tubes, chocolate pen
  • Red jam (strawberry, raspberry, cherry etc)
  • Ready-rolled icing or white marzipan

Here are a few ideas you can do:

  1. Snap the heads, legs or arms off the gingerbread men. Glue them back with jam. Draw some scary faces with the icing pen.
  2. Draw on them scars, casts and bandages with the icing. Add some jam for bloody wounds and cuts!
  3. Using white icing or chocolate pens draw skeleton bones on them!
  4. Cut very thin, long  strips out of ready-rolled icing. Wrap the gingerbread people with the strips making into mummies (leave a gap on the head for the eyes, which you can draw with the icing pen)


  • Of course you can make your own, home-made gingerbread men. I’ll try out a few recipes and let you know which is the best one!
  • If you have more spooky ideas – please share with us under the comments!

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