Afternoon Tea

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Vienna Rolls

0 of 5 03:00 Minutes 18 rolls

I generally use my bread machine to make loaves that can be taken straight out and used, but it's also a simple way to create a variety of doughs that ...

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Fruit cake

0 of 5 00:40 Minutes

This Fruit cake is a desert made using a simple baking technique. The kid friendly dessert recipe is loved by kids and grown-ups equally. It can be relished with your ...

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Banana and oat snack cake

0 of 5 00:20 Minutes 1

Most of my friends are suspicious of “healthy cakes” until they try my vegan healthy oat and banana slices or my healthy oat and banana cookies!  This alternative version is made ...

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Onion and Garlic Bread

0 of 5 05:00 Minutes 1 loaf

Purist bakers may look down their noses at bread machines but they certainly save a lot of time and effort! You may miss out on the tactile pleasure of kneading ...

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Spiced Fruit Loaf

0 of 5 05:00 Minutes 1 loaf

Our bread machine is regularly in use because my daughter is allergic to milk and so many shop bought breads seem to contain it. Also, of course, home made fresh ...

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Roasted flattened rice snack mix

0 of 5 00:15 Minutes

This is a healthy snack mix is made by roasting flattened rice with few spices and nuts. It is tasty and can be easily prepared.

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Easy buckwheat blini recipe

0 of 5 00:10 Minutes

Traditional Russian blinis are made with yeast-fermented batter that is left to rise, then diluted with milk, sour cream or water. This easy blini recipe is ready in no time, ...

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Chorizo pancakes

0 of 5 00:15 Minutes 18

If you want an easy recipe for nibbles at a drink party; or something for a picnic in the park; or something different for a quick brunch, do make these ...

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Courgette and chilli tartlets

0 of 5 00:20 Minutes 8

I made these lovely spiced Courgette and chilli tartlets using gluten-free pastry, but feel free using normal puff pastry (which will be more puffy than mine). The tartlets are perfect ...

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Grilled pepper and feta tartlets

0 of 5 00:20 Minutes 4

I recently discovered gluten-free puff pastry. It’s actually not too bad – not as puffy as the normal one but close enough. I had some leftover barbecued peppers in my ...

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Peanut chikki

0 of 5 00:10 Minutes 15

Peanut chikki is a traditional sweet preparation across India and is usually made by blending jaggery and peanuts together. Peanut chikki is a nutritious and easy to prepare dish, it is ...

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Egg and courgette muffins

0 of 5 00:20 Minutes 6

These egg and courgette muffins can be made with or without Prosciutto. Also, it’s gluten-free and dairy-free so this recipe is very suitable for those on allergy diets, low-carb diet ...

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