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Pan-seared venison steak

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Venison is a healthy lean meat, which is nowadays widely available at supermarkets, particularly during the hunting season. Pan-seared venison steak Japanese-style is ready in 10 minutes, so it’s ideal ...

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Anchovy bites

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During the festivities I always keep jarred goodies in my larder & fridge as these are excellent ingredients for quick snacks and nibbles when someone pops around for a drink. ...

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Mexican chicken stew

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During the cold months I crave hearty, warming stews & soups. One of my favourite mid-week or lazy weekend meal is this Mexican chicken stew, which actually is not too ...

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Crayfish egg muffins

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If you want a recipe for a delicious snack or delicate starter look no further. These crayfish egg muffins are not only tasty but very easy to make too! You ...

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Mint pulao

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Mint pulao is a delicious, aromatic and flavorful rice dish. It makes for a healthy lunch box dish, as the mint leaves contain a number of vitamins and minerals. It ...

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Chipotle roasted chicken with squash and sweet potatoes

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I love making roasted chicken for Sunday lunch because the leftover is always enough for at least one more meal. For this reason I like adding spices and flavours so ...

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Sweet and spicy roasted squash

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During the cold months I love roasting squash as it can be served as a side dish, a main meal or as part of a salad. This sweet and spicy ...

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Onion and Garlic Bread

0 of 5 05:00 Minutes 1 loaf

Purist bakers may look down their noses at bread machines but they certainly save a lot of time and effort! You may miss out on the tactile pleasure of kneading ...

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Baked Camembert with figs and walnuts

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Baked Camembert is a wonderful dish to share with friends and loved ones -  it’s also perfect for parties with an aperitif or for finishing off a meal or dinner ...

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Roasted potato and pepper

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Sometimes I just want to jazz up my roasted potatoes so I add some herbs, other veggies and spices. This roasted potato and pepper is an ideal side dish when ...

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Chicken and mushroom pie

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This recipe can be made with leftover chicken meat or fresh, raw chicken. The topping of this version of chicken and mushroom pie is made from root vegetables, so it’s ...

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Root vegetable mash

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If you’re on a diet, particularly on the Food Combining Diet, the recipe for this root vegetable mash will come in very handy! Because it’s “neutral”,  it can be served ...

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