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Curried butternut squash and cauliflower soup

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During the winter festivities it’s nice to take it easy sometimes and have something that's actually good for you yet still tastes festive. This vegan, gluten-free curried butternut squash and ...

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RIP chocolate pots

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A Halloween party cannot feel complete without some chocolate graveyard or spooky brownies. This year I made individual RIP chocolate pots, without any eggs. These little pots are really quick ...

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Meatloaf mummy

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If you want a centrepiece for a Halloween party table – this meatloaf mummy could be just what you're looking for! It can be made in advance (partially or completely) ...

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Avocado cream with roasted tomatoes

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If you like Guacamole, I hope you'll find this avocado cream with roasted tomatoes recipe an interesting variation on the theme. I normally make it when I have some leftover ...

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Spiced Butternut Squash and Chickpeas Soup

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When the cold sets in, I find nothing more comforting than a nice mug or bowl of hearty soup. This Middle-Eastern style spiced butternut Squash and chickpea soup is warming, ...

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Coconut and chocolate muffin

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The batter of these coconut and chocolate muffins can be mixed together in five minutes then the baking only takes 20 minutes. So it’s a perfect snack for parties, afternoon ...

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Walnut oatcakes

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My favourite snack is oatcakes - I love them with pâté, cheese, cured ham & salami, dips & spreads and so on. These walnut oatcakes are super easy to make -  ...

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Simple rabbit stew

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During the hunting season one of my favourite meat used to be hare but it’s not very easy to get it in supermarkets or even at butchers. Rabbit meat is ...

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Pomegranate glazed chicken wings

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If you like BBQ chicken wings and you want a festive version for the winter festivities or for celebrating Chinese New Year try these pomegranate glazed chicken wings. They are ...

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Sticky Gammon with Roasted Plums

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On festive occasions like Chinese New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving or New Year's Eve it's great to have this Sticky Gammon with Roasted Plums as the main course in a celebratory ...

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Beans & rice stuffed squash

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During the winter I litre love the smell and the warming flavour of roasted squash. So I make it a lot. I also like using up efficiently any leftover food in ...

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Mexican-style baked sweet potatoes

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These Mexican-style baked sweet potatoes are perfect for using up leftover roast turkey, chicken or beef. I've here added some cheese but you can leave it out if dairy is ...

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