Raspberry ice lollies

Raspberry ice lolly

Ice-cream is the favourite treat of children on hot days. Unfortunately most of the shop-bought products are full of additives and flavourings – not to mention their sugar content! It’s so easy to make your own ice lolly though! Here are a few recipes for raspberry ice-lollies.

Simple raspberry ice lolly

  • Ingredients: 1 cup raspberries, about 1 Tbsp honey, lemon juice
  • Preparation: blend the raspberries, add honey and lemon juice to taste. Pour the purée into moulds then freeze.
  • Tip1: for adults add 1 tsp chopped mint leaves and/or 1 teaspoon raspberry liqueur (and use lime instead of lemon).
  • Tip2: You can filter the purée through a sieve if you do not like the seeds in the lolly.

Lime and raspberry ice lolly

  • Ingredients: 1 cup raspberries, half a cup of water, 3-4 Tbsp cane sugar or agave nectar, ¼ teaspoon grated lime zest, 1 Tbsp lime juice
  • Preparation: simmer all the ingredients for about 10 minutes until thick, let it cool, then blend. Filtered through a sieve, then pour into moulds and freeze.
  • Tip: Instead of lime  you can use lemon too.

Orange-raspberry ice lolly

  • Ingredients: 1 Tbsp grated orange  zest, 1 Tbsp cane sugar, 2 cups orange juice, 200g raspberries, 1 tsp Amaretto (or other almond liqueur)
  • Preparation: mix the orange zest, juice and liqueur. Put the raspberries  into moulds and pour over them the mixture. Freeze.
  • Tip: This version is an ideal dessert at a summer BBQ party!


  • All three recipes can be dipped into melted chocolate (or sprinkles for children) before consumption.
  • The first two recipes can be supplemented with creamy natural yoghurt – Greek yoghurt is ideal. You’ll get yummy frozen raspberry frozen yogurt!
  • You can combine raspberries with other berries, melon, watermelon or chocolate – you can even create a layered lice lolly! In the first recipe  you can add half a cup of water. This will freeze more quickly, but the texture will be less creamy and it will melt more quickly!
  • These ice-lollies are ready after about 5 hours in the freezer. If you have an instant ice-lolly maker, then it takes just 6 minutes!
  • These raspberry ice-lollies are healthy summer treats – gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and suitable for those who follow a healthy or weight-watching diet.




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