Super easy mince pies

Super easy mince pies

This is the first time I’ve made mince pies because I used not to like them. I couldn’t have any at parties anyway because normally they have milk in the pastry and butter in the mincemeat. But my mum made some delicious vegan mincemeat last year, so I used up the leftover for this recipe. I didn’t make my pastry either (although it’s not that difficult  –  see easy mince pies >>), I just used up some ready-rolled shortcrust pastry we had in the freezer. If you you want to make these yummy, vegan mince pies,

You’ll need:

  • Shortcrust pastry (ready rolled)
  • Jar of mincemeat
  • Icing sugar
  • Tea strainer for dusting
  • A mug or drinking glass
  • A mince pie, Yorkshire pudding or other shallow bun/muffin tin
  • Star cookie cutter (or playdough cutter)

This is how to make these super easy mince pies:

  1. Unroll the pastry onto a large chopping board.
  2. Choose a mug that is about a centimetre wider than the holes in the tin so that  the pastry would fit nicely when pushed down.
  3. Cut out rounds with the mug and press them lightly into the tin holes. Fill each with about 1 Tbsp of mincemeat.
  4. Roll out the leftover pastry to the same thickness and use the star cutter to cut out star shapes from it. Put these on top of the pies (the tip of the stars should meet the edge of the pie)
  5. Put the tin into a preheated oven (180°C) and bake the pies for about 20 minutes, until they’re golden brown.
  6. Transfer them onto a wire rack
  7. When they’re cool dust them with icing sugar, using the tea strainer
  8. Enjoy!


  • Make sure the stars touch the edge of the pies – you can squeeze them together a lit bit
  • You can scatter some chopped nuts, cranberries, lemon peel onto the mincemeat, or just some muscovado sugar which will make them more crunchy!
  • Remember to clean the play-doh cutters!

If you want to make your own mincemeat try out these recipes:





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