CookTogether.com is an online platform where people can freely share recipes, cooking tips and information about food. All recipes are made and tried by us, our members. All photos are taken by us too.


We’re not chefs. We’re not trained cooks. We’re not food gurus. We’re ordinary people who’ve learnt to cook from our families and by trial & error. Some of us are food enthusiasts who love to entertain our friends & family with a meal. Some of us are ‘gastro-travellers’, who have sampled unique flavours and varied cuisines which we try to recreate at home. Some us are into health & diet and regard home-made cooking as essential. Some of us like experimenting with flavours and textures. And many of us are busy, working parents, couples or singles who cook regularly and who normally just want to prepare quick & easy but tasty meals.
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Food is everywhere – seducing us all the time. The internet is full of recipes; the TV is full of cookery programs. Chefs & cooks have become celebrities in their own right telling us how to cook perfect, easy meals. Yet in the West the majority of people are getting more & more unhealthy and are cooking less and less. We blame the food industry and our busy lifestyles, but part of the problem must also be the endless choice of recipes and the unbelievable result those over-styled, perfect photos promise us. Who has the time to read through dozens of recipes to create a simple lunch?
So some of us decided to create a website where real people can share real food and real photos. Where people can admit their failures, their worries, their inabilities – and laugh together about them. Where people can share tips – offer quick solutions to snatch victory from the jaws of disaster! Where we can Cook Together!


We’re an online community, so we’re from all around the world. Our editors are based in multicultural London so our team is ethnically rich with experience from many different culinary cultures aiming to create fusion within diversity.


Right now! Every day we put up new recipes, tips and information about all sorts of food-related subjects.
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