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Cherry and cranberry mincemeat

0 of 5 00:00 Minutes 1 jar

I used to hate mince pies until I tried a homemade one. The secret of a good mince pie is definitely in the mincemeat - it just has to be ...

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Nectarine Chutney

0 of 5 00:45 Minutes 1 jar

The nectarines in the fruit bowl were looking rather sad, not very nice to eat but such a terrible waste if just chucked in the bin. As with so many ...

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Dill and lemon olives

0 of 5 00:00 Minutes

It’s so easy to make your own marinated olives and so much cheaper than the shop-bought versions! You only need to get a large jar of plain olives in brine ...

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Fennel and cherry chutney

0 of 5 01:00 Minutes About 1 litre

During the cherry season I buy large quantities in my local market - some for eating immediately, some for preserving, some for freezing. This Fennel and cherry chutney is a great ...

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Chilli and tomato jam

0 of 5 01:00 Minutes 2

I love chilli jam so I make my own regularly. I have a favourite chilli jam recipe which I normally rely on, but this time I thought I’d try something ...

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Pear and Chilli Chutney

0 of 5 00:45 Minutes

I bought far too many pears to be able to eat within a couple of days so I've decided to make some chutney from them. I found this Pear and Chilli ...

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Quick raspberry jam

0 of 5 00:15 Minutes 1 jar

Every time I buy several punnets of raspberry at the market, at least one punnet of berries get crushed by the time I get home, so they have to be ...

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Strawberry spread

0 of 5 00:15 Minutes

During the strawberry season it’s worth making a few jars of jam because the home-made versions taste so much better than anything you can get in the supermarkets!  The other ...

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Healthy sweet potato muffins

0 of 5 00:25 Minutes 12

These healthy sweet potato muffins are gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and can be nut-free too if oat, rice or soy milk is used. They are very easy to make, particularly if ...

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Basic Red Chilli paste

0 of 5 00:20 Minutes 1 small jar

When in season, at my local grocery market I get a large bowl of fresh chillies for almost nothing, and I make chutney, jam, pickle or paste from them. This ...

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Blueberry and Lime Jam

0 of 5 00:35 Minutes 3 jars

This blueberry and lime jam is really quick and easy to make. It has much less sugar than shop-bought jam and needs no pectin. So you know precisely what's in ...

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Papaya and Lime Chutney

0 of 5 00:50 Minutes 3 medium jars

Mango chutney is probably one of the world's most popular condiments and I've made it many times, but I felt like a change and experimented with this papaya and lime ...

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