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Sweet and Half-Sour Pickles

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Half soars are traditional Jewish crispy dill pickles, made with 3.5% salt solution (which is the salinity of seawater.) They're called “half soar” because they are kept in the brine ...

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Orange and cranberry brownies

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These Orange and cranberry brownies are gluten-free, dairy-free and fat-free. They are soft and gooey because the chocolate and ground almond provide enough fat. If you want them firmer add ...

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Cranberry and orange muffins

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If you don’t know what to do with your leftover cranberry sauce - just make these yummy Cranberry and orange muffins! They take only 30 minutes (including the baking) and ...

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Blueberry spelt muffins

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Blueberry muffins are classic, of course, and very popular but tend to be full of sugar - particularly shop-bought ones. These spelt blueberry muffins are rather more healthy - here ...

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Chocolate and almond pancakes

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For breakfast, brunch or afternoon snack pancakes are always welcome. These chocolate and almond pancakes are gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free too so you can munch on them guilt-free! I served ...

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Mexican Roast Pork Leg

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For a Sunday Lunch or special dinner for friends this Mexican Roast Pork Leg recipe provides a meal with a wonderful zingy flavour - and the aroma while it's cooking is ...

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Mexican chicken stew

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During the cold months I crave hearty, warming stews & soups. One of my favourite mid-week or lazy weekend meal is this Mexican chicken stew, which actually is not too ...

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Chipotle roasted chicken with squash and sweet potatoes

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I love making roasted chicken for Sunday lunch because the leftover is always enough for at least one more meal. For this reason I like adding spices and flavours so ...

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Chicken and corn fajitas

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I like to make chicken fajitas regularly, normally using leftover roasted chicken from Sunday lunch. This recipe can be made with raw or pre-cooked chicken - either way it’s on ...

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Avocado cream with roasted tomatoes

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If you like Guacamole, I hope you'll find this avocado cream with roasted tomatoes recipe an interesting variation on the theme. I normally make it when I have some leftover ...

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Easy avocado cream

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One of my favourite dips is Guacamole but when I don’t have any fresh chillies or tomatoes I make this Easy Avocado Cream instead. This version is not too spicy, ...

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Cider baked spare ribs

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Pork spare ribs make ideal nibbles at parties and are also perfect for picnics or trips. We love munching on them while watching the TV at the weekend, so I ...

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