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Minced lamb curry with squash

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For a quick and easy midweek winter-warmer or a laid-back weekend supper this super-easy minced lamb curry with butternut squash is an excellent choice. Served with boiled rice or naan ...

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Meatloaf mummy

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If you want a centrepiece for a Halloween party table – this meatloaf mummy could be just what you're looking for! It can be made in advance (partially or completely) ...

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Spicy beef burger

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If you want a spiced-up, yummy beef burger that is easy to make, gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free, do try this recipe!  You can combine the ingredients in just five minutes- ...

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Broccoli, Leak and Celeriac Soup

0 of 5 00:10 Minutes 2.5 Litres

This soup is recommended for 5:2 and low-cal diets followers, as it's satisfying and tasty, yet wonderfully low in calories! As made here, using a pressure cooker, this Broccoli Leak and ...

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Chicken thigh and liver stew

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If you want an earthy, protein &  iron rich meal, try this chicken thigh and liver stew! I made it with broad beans but you can use other greens such ...

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Courgette and frankfurter gratin

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This courgette and frankfurter gratin is perfect for those who are on a high-protein, low-carb diet. You can use other cooked sausages too, instead of wurst. I sometime add a ...

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Baked monkfish and courgette

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If you want to make a fish dish for your guests or loved ones, that's delicious and easy to make - do try this delicate baked monkfish and courgette! It’s ...

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Lemon and thyme roasted chicken

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This lemon and thyme roasted chicken is so easy to prepare, then the oven does the cooking! It’s perfect for a lazy Sunday Lunch or an easy midweek roast dinner. ...

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Spicy grilled pork steaks

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These grilled spiced pork steaks are perfect for summer BBQs, year-round parties and midweek family suppers as it’s very easy to prepare; the marinating can be (and should be) done ...

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Garlic and rosemary roasted sweet potatoes

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Sweet potatoes are much more healthy than normal potatoes and, in my opinion, more tasty too. Roasting them is really easy and quick -  and you don’t need to peel ...

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Grilled lamb chops with chilli and mint gremolata

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I was watching Gennaro Contaldo’s grilled beef steak recipe on social media which gave me the inspiration for this grilled lamb chops with chilli and mint gremolata. The lamb chops ...

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Zesty Roast Chicken with Fennel

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Chicken is probably the most popular choice for most Roast Dinners. For a very tasty, yet easy to make meal try this Zesty Roast Chicken with Fennel -  it's  delicious, ...

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