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Sweet and Half-Sour Pickles

0 of 5 00:00 Minutes 2 jars

Half soars are traditional Jewish crispy dill pickles, made with 3.5% salt solution (which is the salinity of seawater.) They're called “half soar” because they are kept in the brine ...

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Orange and cranberry brownies

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These Orange and cranberry brownies are gluten-free, dairy-free and fat-free. They are soft and gooey because the chocolate and ground almond provide enough fat. If you want them firmer add ...

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Cherry and cranberry mincemeat

0 of 5 00:00 Minutes 1 jar

I used to hate mince pies until I tried a homemade one. The secret of a good mince pie is definitely in the mincemeat - it just has to be ...

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Honey-sesame baked tofu and green beans

0 of 5 00:25 Minutes

This honey-sesame baked tofu and green beans is perfect for vegans, vegetarians and the health-conscious. It’s ideal for lunch or light supper, served with brown rice, quinoa or noodles - ...

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Skinny Curried Squash Soup

0 of 5 00:45 Minutes

This skinny curried squash soup is only 38 kCal/portion - it’s vegan, gluten-free, fat-free and super healthy. Most importantly it’s very easy to make and incredibly tasty. Serve it with ...

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Smoked salmon and lemon pasta

0 of 5 00:10 Minutes

When I have little time to cook or just feel like a quick & easy meal, I normally make a pasta dish with smoked fish or leftover meat/vegetables. This smoked ...

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Nectarine Chutney

0 of 5 00:45 Minutes 1 jar

The nectarines in the fruit bowl were looking rather sad, not very nice to eat but such a terrible waste if just chucked in the bin. As with so many ...

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Poussin and vegetable soup

0 of 5 01:00 Minutes

If you like chicken soup, but you only want to make it for two or three people try this poussin and vegetable soup! It take about an hour to make, ...

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Mango, kiwi and passion fruit fool

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Whether or not you’re on a diet this healthy Mango, kiwi and passion fruit fool is a lovely treat - particularly on a hot summer’s day! You can use vanilla ...

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Fennel and cherry chutney

0 of 5 01:00 Minutes About 1 litre

During the cherry season I buy large quantities in my local market - some for eating immediately, some for preserving, some for freezing. This Fennel and cherry chutney is a great ...

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Spicy miso soup

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I love miso soup, particularly when it’s spiced up a bit.  Also, I tend to make it with vegetable stock instead of  the traditional dashi, which is a broth made ...

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Chilli and tomato jam

0 of 5 01:00 Minutes 2

I love chilli jam so I make my own regularly. I have a favourite chilli jam recipe which I normally rely on, but this time I thought I’d try something ...

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