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Gluten-free carrot and orange cake

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I needed to made a quick cake for a party that was suitable for people with gluten and dairy allergies. So I came up with this Gluten-free carrot and orange cake ...

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Chocolate bundt cake

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Bundt cakes are perfect for special occasions - birthdays, anniversaries, tea-parties etc. I love making them because they look stunning yet they are very easy to make! Here is the ...

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Flourless banana pancakes

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When I read somewhere that you can make pancakes just with two ingredients - banana and egg, I was a bit sceptical. I decided to try it out anyway. These ...

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Oaty apricot and hazelnut cookies

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These oaty apricot and hazelnut cookies are much more healthy than any shop-bought cookies and, most importantly, they are incredibly easy to make. Also, if you use gluten-free flour and ...

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Skull cheese ball

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If you want to create a spooktakular spread for a Halloween party, do try this skull cheese ball, made with salmon. You can use smoked mackerel or smoked salmon instead ...

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Gluten-free banana bread

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This dairy-free and gluten-free banana bread is perfect for those who have dairy and/or gluten intolerance and for the health-conscious. I've added ¼ tsp xanthan gum to the mixture but ...

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Chocolate mousse graveyard

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I love making creepy graveyard cakes for Halloween parties - but many of my guests can't enjoy them because they contain gluten. I've found this Chocolate mousse graveyard recipe online ...

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Pea & mint hummus

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It's so easy to create home-made hummus, yet we keep buying it from grocery stores!  A good example is this herby  pea  & mint hummus which is much more tasty ...

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Banana and chocolate crumble

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The crumble is a classic English dessert, normally made with apples &/or berries. This banana & chocolate crumble is an interesting variation. It's not only delicious, but very simple to ...

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Lamb koftas with apple

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These Lamb koftas with apple are ideal for families with young children, as they are not as spicy as normal koftas. Serve them wrapped in flatbread or in pitta with ...

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Hungarian curd cheese squares

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These Hungarian curd cheese squares are very popular all over Hungary. They are called Rákóczi túrós (named after the pastry chef who invented them) and can be found in every pastry shop and cafe ...

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Pasta salad with halloumi & courgette

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Raw courgette is very healthy yet so rarely used. It's perfect for salad, particularly if you cut them into long thin strips with a julienne slicer. This pasta salad with ...

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