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Duck, beetroot and pomegranate salad

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This recipe of this duck, beetroot and pomegranate salad is ideal if you have some  leftovers from your roasted duck. Alternatively you can make it from scratch by first pan-frying ...

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Peas and feta cupcakes

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These delicate, healthy peas and feta cupcakes are perfect for parties, picnics, lunch, brunch or snacks during the day. I added some cayenne to spice them up a bit, but ...

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Caramelised onion and chestnut tarts

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During the winter festivities one of the most important ingredients I keep in my fridge or freezer is ready-rolled puff pastry so that I can make quick & easy tarts ...

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Crayfish and spinach pancakes

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If you want something delicious yet easy for a special breakfast, do make these crayfish and spinach pancakes! They are gluten and dairy-free so ideal for those with allergies and/or ...

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Honey and soy glazed tofu

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You can very quickly and easily make these lovely little snacks which you can then nibble on during the day or serve at a party as a vegan appetizer. Alternatively, put ...

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Baked spiced duck legs with plums

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The original recipe on which this oven baked spiced duck legs with plums is based was one by Jamie Oliver – I adjusted the amounts a bit to suit my ...

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Tofu and carrot fritters

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I love these tofu and carrot fritters because they can be served as snacks with chilli sauce; or served with a salad for a light, healthy lunch; or served in ...

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Pear and Gorgonzola bites wrapped in Prosciutto

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These pear and Gorgonzola bites wrapped in Prosciutto are perfect nibbles during the winter festivities, particularly at Christmas & New Year’s Eve parties. It’s incredibly to easy to make them, ...

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Cauliflower 65

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Cauliflower 65 is a classic dish and a popular appetizer. While, there are several variations to this recipe usage of red chilli powder and other spices remain constant.

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Squash and halloumi frittata

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Frittata makes a lovely meal for lunch or supper. Alternatively it can be cooled/chilled and served as snacks, tapas or taken to a picnics & trips. This squash and halloumi ...

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Anchovy bites

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During the festivities I always keep jarred goodies in my larder & fridge as these are excellent ingredients for quick snacks and nibbles when someone pops around for a drink. ...

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Crayfish egg muffins

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If you want a recipe for a delicious snack or delicate starter look no further. These crayfish egg muffins are not only tasty but very easy to make too! You ...

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