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Orange and honey roasted duck legs

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For dinner parties, Sunday lunches or any special meals (such as Christmas, anniversaries, Valentine’s day etc.) I highly recommend this recipe. These orange and honey baked duck legs are very ...

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No-bake Gluten-free lemon cheesecake

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I was suspicious of the recipe for this No-Bake Gluten-Free lemon cheesecake as it has no eggs nor gelatin to firm up the cake, but I thought I'd try it ...

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Gluten-free carrot and orange cake

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I needed to made a quick cake for a party that was suitable for people with gluten and dairy allergies. So I came up with this Gluten-free carrot and orange cake ...

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Lemon and oat pancakes

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For a healthy breakfast these lemon and oat pancakes are just the job - they are delicious, filling and easy to make. Take the leftover with you for an afternoon ...

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Lemon Yoghurt loaf

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I sometimes fancy  a nice, freshly-baked slice of cake with my afternoon tea or morning coffee. I find shop-bought cakes (even from bakeries and café shops) just too sweet and/or ...

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Grilled halloumi and lemon

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I love using halloumi because it’s an excellent substitute for meat and it’s very easy to cook. This grilled Halloumi and lemon recipe can be ready in just 10 minutes ...

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Zesty chicken, bean & leek stew

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This zesty chicken, bean & leek stew is a perfect midweek meal on spring evenings. It’s made with leftover roast, grilled or barbecued chicken so it’s quick and easy to ...

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Gluten-free orange and carrot cake

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If you’re after a healthy healthy alternative treat, do try this dairy-free, sugar-free and gluten-free orange and carrot cake! It’s moist, delicious and very easy to make! Perfect with your ...

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Papaya and Lime Chutney

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Mango chutney is probably one of the world's most popular condiments and I've made it many times, but I felt like a change and experimented with this papaya and lime ...

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Preserved lemons

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One of the most important ingredients in North- African cooking is preserved lemons (Lamoura makbouss) -  used in stews, salads and couscous. You can buy them at delis or supermarkets ...

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Elderflower and lemon cupcakes

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These light, delicate and zesty elderflower and lemon cupcakes are incredibly easy to make and perfect for summer picnics and garden tea parties. I've made them with cold-pressed sunflower spread, ...

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Orange quinoa with sultanas

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This orange quinoa with sultanas makes a really healthy breakfast or brunch. It can be served warm or cold, so you can take with you to work, school or picnics.

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